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Honey Brook Tools and Woodworks

Honey Brook Scratch Awl

Honey Brook Scratch Awl

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The scratch awl differs in use from a birdcage awl and is another handy tool to have in a traditional woodworking kit. Unlike the birdcage aw, the scratch awl is fitted with a shorter blade that comes to a fine, sharp tip and is used to scribe lines and mark points in both wood and metal. As with my other tools, the Honey Brook Scratch Awl is finished with Skelton Saws Peacock Oil, hand-mixed shellac, and Alfie Shine hard wax.

Every handle I make is hand-turned to order without the use of CNC machines or lathe duplicators and I hand-stamp each tool with my maker's mark prior to delivery. Your tool will last a lifetime and be fit to pass down to the next generation of artisans in your family.

Please note that I do not have photos of all variants posted but will upload them as they become available.

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