Collection: Honey Brook Winding Sticks

When dimensioning stock for a project, winding sticks are an important tool to remove any twist from your wood.  The Honey Brook Winding Sticks are beautifully handmade for this purpose.

I make each set of Honey Brook Winding Sticks to the following specifications.

  1. Each pair of winding sticks is made from a premium quartersawn domestic or exotic wood of your choice.
  2. These winding sticks are 16" long, approximately 5/8" wide, and 2" tall.*(see below)
  3. I make these winding sticks with a tapered profile, tapering from approximately 5/8' at the base to approximately 5/16" at the top
  4. I cut and inlay the sighting inlays by hand.
  5. As with my other tools, the Honey Brook Winding Sticks receive hand-mixed shellac followed by Alfie Shine hard wax.

The Honey Brook Winding Sticks are tools that will last a lifetime. You'll be proud to pass them on to your family's next generation of artisans!