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Small Honey Brook Forged Split-Nut Screwdriver

Small Honey Brook Forged Split-Nut Screwdriver

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Many of today's premier handsaw makers employ split nut screws to fasten the handle to the plate of the saw.  As wood expands and contracts with the seasons it's occasionally necessary to snug the screws for a secure fit.  The Honey Brook Forged Split-Nut Driver is specifically designed for this job.

Each of my split-nut screwdrivers features:

  1. A hand-turned handle from your choice of a variety of premium domestic and exotic hardwoods;
  2. A custom-made hand-forged, split-nut blade that is 1/32" thick, 25/64" wide and has a 11/64" split in the center; and 
  3. Beautiful finish that starts with hand-mixed shellac and is completed with Alfie Shine hard wax.

The Honey Brook Forged Split-Nut Driver fits right in the palm of your hand and, importantly, the short handle places your hand close to the nut to maximize control. 

This split-nut driver is guaranteed to fit saws made by both Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and the saws made by master saw-maker Jared Greene at File and Hammer Saw Works.  If you have a saw produced by another maker, please review the dimensions of the driver blade carefully to ensure my driver will be suitable for your saw. If you have questions please don't hesitate to email me at

As a new product, I don't yet have pictures of this tool in all of the woods that are available but will add pictures as they are available.

After inspection, I hand-stamp each tool with my maker's mark prior to delivery. I stand behind every tool that leaves my shop and each one comes with a simple unconditional guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied I will offer you a replacement or a full refund.

The Honey Brook Split-Nut Screwdriver is a tool that will last a lifetime and you'll be proud to pass it on to the next generation of artisans in your family!

I strive to get my tools to you as soon as possible! My current lead time for shipping your completed tool is approximately three weeks from the date you place your order. 

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Customer Reviews

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Honey Brooks Split Nut Drivers

Absolutely stunning pieces from Will. We worked together to have a matching pair of the small and large split nut drivers in Apple and I couldn’t be happier!

Solid Fitting, Pefectly Sized, and Beautiful Split Nut Driver

I’ve got the split-nut forged driver and forged frog/breaker driver set both. Perfect balance of size and fit; is dead solid on my Lie-Nielsen and Pax 1776 backs-saws. Zero slop is what’s required when encountering delicate brass and unlike the institutional looking and feeling machined overly hardened steel ones you get from a big manufacturer, these fit perfectly and are more gentle on your precious screws. I’ll certainly be buying a custom fitting driver to match my full set of Florip Saws as soon as they’re available and think it’ll be only right to have a forged split-nut driver for Erik’s saws that are handmade by a fellow veteran toolmaker. Erik had all intentions of production runs of drivers specific to his saws and it’s a noble memorial that someone like Will at Honey Brook can honor Erik in delivering on that perfect split-but driver to complement Erik Florip’s amazing saws.

Thanks so much for your review Shannon! I’m happy to say I now have two sizes of split-nut drivers, the larger of which fits Erik Florip’s saws! I’ll have them listed here soon!