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Honey Brook Chipbreaker Screwdriver

Honey Brook Chipbreaker Screwdriver

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The Honey Brook Chipbreaker Screwdriver is expertly crafted to accommodate chipbreaker screws found on planes from several vintage and modern brands, including Stanley, Record, Ohio, Keen Kutter, Lie-Nielsen, and Jorgensen. 

The Honey Brook Chipbreaker Screwdriver features:

  1. A beautifully hand-turned handle made from the premium domestic or exotic hardwood of your choice;
  2. A hand-forged, hardened, and test-fitted steel blade that measures 9/16" wide and 5/64" thick, fitted with a brass ferrule; and 
  3. Traditional hand-mixed shellac followed by Alfie-Shine wax.

After inspection, I hand-stamp each tool with my maker's mark prior to delivery.  I stand by every tool that leaves my shop and each tool comes with a simple, unconditional guarantee.  If you're not completely satisfied contact me for a replacement or a full refund.

The Honey Brook Chipbreaker Screwdriver is a tool that will last a lifetime and you'll be proud to pass it on to the next generation of artisans in your family!

I strive to get my tools to you as soon as possible! My current lead time for shipping your tool is approximately three weeks from the time you place your order.

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Beautifully made, works perfectly