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New!! Honey Brook Straight Taper Marking Knife

New!! Honey Brook Straight Taper Marking Knife

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When it comes to laying out cutlines, marking then with a knife is a superior method for making precise and clean cuts. The Honey Brook Marking Knife excels at doing just that. The graceful contours of the handle fit nicely in hand while cutting a line against a straight edge.

The Honey Brook Straight Taper Marking Knife features:

  1. A hand-turned straight-tapered handle for those who prefer a knife without a contoured handle.
  2. A custom-made blade from Hock Tools.  The dual bevel blade is expertly crafted from O1 tool steel which takes and holds a superior edge and is exceptionally durable. The Honey Brook Tools and Woodworks maker's mark is laser-etched on the blade for a clean and elegant look.
  3. A beautiful finish that starts with hand-mixed shellac and is completed with Alfie Shine hard wax.

 I stand behind every tool that leaves my shop, and each one comes with a simple unconditional guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, I will offer you a replacement or a full refund. Please note that this knife differs from the dovetail knife, which has a narrower blade for marking dovetail lines in tight spaces.

The Honey Brook Straight TaperMarking Knife is a tool that will last a lifetime and you'll be proud to pass it on to the next generation of artisans in your family!

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