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Special Edition--Honey Brook Marking Knife and Dovetail Knife Set in Yarran Wood

Special Edition--Honey Brook Marking Knife and Dovetail Knife Set in Yarran Wood

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When it comes to laying out cutlines, marking them with a knife is a superior method for making precise and clean cuts. This is especially true for laying out dovetails.  Whether you're laying out cutlines or dovetails, this limited edition set has you covered on both fronts!

This special edition set is made from my limited supply of Yarran wood straight from Australia! Yarran is a beautifully colored dense hardwood from Down Under.  It turns beautifully and feels silky smooth in your hand. Its density makes it feel substantial, but not too heavy making it a wonderful wood for tool handles.

This set includes: 

  1. A Honey Brook Marking Knife and a Honey Brook Dovetail Knife. 
  2. All of my marking and dovetail knives now feature custom-made blades from Hock Tools.  The dual bevel blades are expertly crafted from O1 tool steel which takes and holds a superior edge and is exceptionally durable. The Honey Brook Tools and Woodworks maker's mark is laser-etched on the blade for a clean and elegant look
  3. A beautiful finish that starts with hand-mixed shellac and is completed with Alfie Shine hard wax.

I stand behind every tool that leaves my shop, and each one comes with a simple unconditional guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, I will offer you a replacement or a full refund. 

These tools will last a lifetime, and you'll be proud to pass it on to the next generation of artisans in your family!

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